Margate City
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Category: Lodging

Summer Rentals - Owners Not Realtors
2 North Newark Avenue
Ventnor City,  NJ  08406
Phone: (609) 927-7059

The Carisbrooke Inn
105 South Little Rock Avenue
Ventnor,  NJ   08406
Phone: 609-822-6392
E-mail: info@carisbrookeinn.com
European hospitality at the Jersey Shore.

The Dorset House
133 N Dorset Ave
Ventnor City,  NJ  08406
Phone: 609-823-6810

The Surrey Beach Hotel
Kevin Palek
109 South Surrey Avenue
Ventnor,  NJ   08406
Phone: 609-822-6550
E-mail: info@SurreyBeachHouse.com

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